Did it hurt to get your nose pierced? I kinda want mine done.. As well as two on my ears.. Any tips? 😁 #nervousaf

hahah im vvv sorry but its fake, i wanna get mine done though!

i like piercings

i like piercings

I love your blog so much!! Thanks so much for posting..post again soon! ❤️

working on one right now!

I’m going to be combining another 3 requests so I can include more of your guys’ input and what you wanna see! I won’t always be doing it like this but i thought it would be a fun way to include more than one request.

Could you do an imagine where this girl has a crush on one of the older guys. But he’s like really tough and kind of rude, and they end up making out and she finds out that he’s actually really sweet? No smut though ;)

Do one where you crush has a really bad collarbone fet, and he bites mine

your crush who lives across the street sneaks over at night to do dirty things;)

P.S. I’m sorry the first request had said no smut but I’m going to be added the other two requests to make a bit like smut hahaha ily tho

Please post again soon!!!!!


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When are you gonna post again...?

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THIS BLOG IS MY FAVOURITE BLOG SO ID HATE TO BE A PEST BUHHH could you write an imagine in which your long term crush and you are close friends and you’re at the end of the summer fair with him and some of your guys friends and you guys are flirting the whole time and on one of the rides he kissed you and asks for a relationship PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP

Hey I wondering if I could have a smut kind of imagine where we have been talking for ages and he picks me up by surprise with all of his mates in the car and asks me to drive them to a party. Then he takes me somewhere cute and could you make it really smutty. Love your account by the way <3

Shower sex in his house with his parents downstairs?


It’s a Saturday evening and you’re at the end of summer fair in your city. (Y/C/N) invited you to go with a couple of his friends too. You only got close within the past year. But he’s protective over you like a brother, makes you laugh all the time, and is an amazing cuddler. You’ve had a flirtationship for the past few months, and you’ve kissed a few times, but nothing serious. You wish he would make the next step because he still talks to alot of other girls in almost the same fashion. But you know he truly cares about you.

He’s been acting weird all night and you can’t tell what’s wrong. He’s almost ignoring and just paying attention to his friends. He suddenly looks past you then at you. 

"C’mon, let’s go on the ferris wheel." 

He grabs your hand and pulls you into the crowd of people and to the ferris wheel. You get on the ride and he pulls you close to him.

"Are you having fun?" He says and looks at you. 

You only nod your head, because honestly you weren’t. He wasn’t paying attention to you at all and he was the one that invited you.

"Are you sureee?" He says, and pokes your side.

"I guess," you say and shrug your shoulders.

"What’s wrong? Did (Y/C/F/N) say something to you?"

"No, I just feel like you’ve been ignoring me."

"Awww, I’m sorry princess, it’s just because I’m nervous," he says, and grabs your hand.

"Nervous about what?"

He takes a deep breath and smooths his pants down with his hands and looks over the edge of the cart. You were sitting at the very top by now. 

"Cause I really, really like you, that’s why."

"I know, and I like you too. But why is that making you nervous?"

"Cause I want you to be my girlfriend, that’s why."

He doesn’t look up at you. You hit him in the shoulder and turn to face him.

"What was that for?!" He asks confused.

"Because you’re such a dork," you say and cross your arms.

He laughs and looks at you. 

"Is that a yes?" He says and gets inches from your face with a smile on his face

You laugh at him and uncross your arms. You peck him on the lips and smile.

"Yes, it’s a yes, loser."


You’re walking around with (Y/B/N) still at the fair, holding hands with your head on his shoulder. 

"Do you wanna come back to my house?" He asks.

"Sure, that’s fine."

"Okay, well we’re gonna have to sneak in again because my parents are home."

You don’t have to sneak in because his parents don’t like you. They are just super protective and ‘don’t trust an attractive son like (Y/B/N) to be alone with a girl’, even though you and (Y/B/N) have never tried to do anything. 

"Ugh, fine."

"Let me text (Y/B/F/N) and tell them that we’re leaving."


You’re in the car with (Y/B/N) driving to his house. He grabs your hand and intertwines his fingers with yours.

"Are you happy I finally asked you?" He asks to break the silence.

"Very, very, very happy."

"Good, because I was really fucking scared that you would say no," he admits.

"Why would I say no?"

"Because I thought that you would keep wanting to just flirt and have me as like your side hoe until you found someone that you really wanted to be with."

"(Y/B/N), I really want to be with you."

He looks over at you and smiles.

"Really, princess?" 

"Yes, and I love it when you call me princess."

He laughs and brings your hand up to mouth and kisses it gently.

"Hey, will you open the glove box and grab that?"

"Sure," you say, and open it. 

You pull out a flask and shake it in your hand and hear the whiskey jumping around. He snatches it from your hand and winks before taking a big drink.

"If you’re going to drink that, then let me drive. I don’t want to get into an accident."

He pulls over to the side of the road and gets out and takes another drink. You pass each other in front of the car and he grabs your hips and pushes you against the car. 

"You’re beautiful, you know that?"

You shake your head and he grabs your chin. He kisses you softly.

"You are. And perfect, and amazing, and smart, and funny and everything in between."

"And you’re lying," you say and kiss him again before walking over to the car door. 


"(Y/B/N), hush, your parents are going to hear you," you say and turn around to face him. 

He smiles and grabs your hips. 

"They’re sleeping, (Y/N), it’s fine," he says slurring his words together.

"Jesus, you’re drunk."

"Nope, just in love."

You shake your head and lead him up the stairs and to his room where he flops onto his bed. 

"I’m so tired," he says.

"Then go to sleep while I take a shower. I smell like whiskey and fair."

He doesn’t respond so you go into his bathroom and get undressed. You don’t bother to lock the door, just in case he has to get sick from all that he drank. You turn on the shower and make it particularly warm. You step in and realize that you have to use his boy shampoo and sigh. 

You are startled to feel a sudden gust of cold air behind you and two hands turn you around quickly. 

(Y/B/N), what are you d-“

"Shut up," he says and forces his lips onto yours. 

He pushes you against the wall and pins your arms back. He grabs your jaw line and holds you there tightly. You can feel his semi on your leg. His hand goes down to it and you can feel it closer to your entrance. He pulls both of your legs up and around him and slowly pushes himself in. 

"Ugh, fuck (Y/N), you feel so good."

He thrusts in and out quickly and your fingernails run up and down his back. Your moans fill the room and you can’t help it. 

"(Y/N), shhh, princess," he says and puts a finger over your mouth. 

"God, (Y/B/N), I can’t."

It’s hard to hold in your climax anymore and you release onto him. Feeling you reach your peak causes him to slam his hand on the wall and hit his high spot right after. He throws his head back and grunts. It’s hard for him to hold you up anymore. He presses you more against so he doesn’t loose his grip on you. 

He breathes heavily into your ear and kisses your neck. He shuts off the water and carries you out of the shower. He wraps you up in a towel and holds you for what seems like forever. He picks you up again bridal style and carries you to his bed and gently lays you down. He lays behind you and wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you closer to him. 

"I love you, (Y/N)."

You close your eyes and fall asleep next to the person you’re meant to be with.


still hate the endings of imagines or maybe im just bad at them

but i didnt really include the second request in this, i tried to with the whole driving scene but im sorry i still love you

send in some new requests boo boos

and wow this is long

omg i think im obsessed with ur blog i love it way too much!! I was wondering if u could do an imagine where u go to the cinema with your friends and ur crush is there… in the middle of the movie u decide to leave cos ur head hurted and then ur crush follows u and things just get really sweet and cute xx and he gives u an intense kiss (if u want u can extend it or something)


It’s Saturday night and your two friends invited you to go out to the movies and see 22 Jump Street. As much as you would love to enjoy sexy Channing Tatum, your head was pulsing and it was hard for you to focus on anything. You didn’t want to ruin your friends night by leaving but you needed to go home and rest.

"Hey, guys," you whisper, "I think I’m gonna take off, my head is really hurting bad, I’ll call my mom for a ride."

"Aw, okay boo, feel better!" (Y/F/N) says.

You get up and start to walk out quickly, trying to not block anyone’s view. You massage one of your temples as you walk out. You go the bathroom first and rinse your face to cool it down. As you’re walking out, you pull out your phone to call your mom when you bump into (Y/C/N).

"Oh, shit sorry, I wasn’t looking," you apologize.

"No, it’s okay, my fault. Are you leaving?"

"Yeah, I just don’t feel very good," you reply, keeping your eyes glued to the floor. 

"Oh, do you need a ride? I don’t really care for Channing Tatum much anyway. He gets me pretty jealous."

You laugh and nod your head. “Yeah, I’d rather have you take me home than my mom.”

He smiles and tells you to follow him. You follow him out to the parking lot and walk to his car. 

"Ugh," you groan in pain.

"C’mere," he says and holds his hand out.

You walk closer to him and he holds you gently by your neck and kisses the top of your head and smiles.

"Better?" He asks.

"No," you pout.

He laughs and kisses your forehead again and holds your hand all the way to his car.


You arrive at your house and you sneak him in, since your mom is sleeping. He follows you up the stairs and you shut the door behind you. 

"Do you want like a glass of water or something?" He asks.

You shake your head and open your top drawer. You pull off your hoodie and jeans and stand in your bra and panties. You see him staring at you in awe.

"Can I help you?" You tease.

"Uh, no sorry," he says shyly.

You roll your eyes and put on a big t-shirt and walk over to your bed. He is still standing there awkwardly, with his hands in his pockets.

"Are you just going to stand there or cuddle me until I feel better?" You ask.

He smiles and slowly walks over to you. He grabs you by your hips and pulls you closer. He towers over you and you like it. You stand on your toes to come up and kiss him. He holds you tightly during the kiss.

"I should really go, it’s late," he mentions.

"Noooo," you beg, "Please just for a little bit." You pout your bottom lip, hoping to convince him. 

He rolls his head back and bites his bottom lip. “Fine, but only for a bit.”

You’ve forgotten about your headache and crawl into your bed. He pulls off his shoes and shirt. You raise your eyebrows and he notices you glancing at him. 

"What? I have to one up Channing Tatum," he utters.

You scoff and he gets into bed with you. He lays behind you and you lay up against his bare chest. You intertwine your fingers with his and he smiles. You turn to look at him and he leans down and kisses you again. 

"You’re a cutie," he mumbles.

You scrunch your nose and smile at him. He kisses you again before you fall asleep on him, with him arms wrapped around you.


i hAtE tHe eNdInG oF iMaGiNeS

bye i love you

Click here to read Part 1

Smut (Part 2)


He throws you onto the bed and grins. You can see the lust in his eyes as he goes down to your neck and sucks gently. You can practically feel the hickeys form as he gets rougher and rougher. You moan his name and brings his head up to look at you. 

"I like it when you do that," he breathes out.

You smile and push him over so you’re on top of him now. He’s only in his boxers and you can see him bulging through the thin fabric. You kiss him softly all the way down his torso, leaving sloppy wet marks. You gently pull down the fabric to reveal his full length. It springs up and you take it in your hand. You gently stroke it and stare into his eyes. He bites his bottom lip and gives you a sincere look, begging you to go faster. You kiss the tip and giggle.

"Please, (Y/N)," he begs, pouting his lip.

You slowly take him in your mouth and hold the rest that you cant fit in your hand and pump him. You swirl your tongue around as you bob up and down. 

"Ugh, fuck, (Y/N), just like that. Keep doing that."

You try to take him all and he gets to the back of your throat and there’s still some left. You see him grab the sheets tightly and bite down on his lip. His eyes are closed and his head is back.

You take him out and come up to face him. He takes off your shirt and pants, leaving you in your matching bra and panties. 

"God, you’re perfect," he moans.

He flips you onto the bed and pull down your panties and comes up to kiss you. 

"Are you ready?" He asks.

You nod your head in certainty. He positions himself at your entrance and slowly pushes himself into you.

"Ugh, fuck," he says and throws his head back. "You feel so good."

You arch your back as he gradually quickens his pace and moves in and out of you with rhythm. He goes in deep with every thrust and hits your G-spot. 

"(Y/C/N)," you moan out loudly.

"Shhh, baby, you have to be quiet," he says and puts a finger over your lips.

"Mmm, I can’t, (Y/C/N), you feel so good."

You can feel yourself getting closer and closer to your climax and he is too. 

You groan with your mouth closed to quiet yourself, and arch your back again. You fingers scratch up and down his back and leave deep red marks. 

"God, (Y/C/N), I’m gonna cum," you moan.

"I know, I- I am too, babe."

You can’t hold it in any longer and release yourself onto him which triggers him to also. He intertwines his fingers with yours and falls on top of you. The both of you breathe heavily on top of each other, trying to regain your breath.

"Best hotel sex," he says jokingly. 

You laugh and he props himself up to look at you. He kisses you gently and looks at you again. 

You hear the door open and someone walk in.

"Hey, (Y/N), did you get the- Oh fuck."

You cover yourself up quickly with the blanket and he hides himself also. Your friend covers her eyes with her hand and stands there.

"Did you guys just fuck?" She whispers.

You don’t say anything, but just grab the bottle of vodka and hand it to her, still covering yourself with the blanket. (Y/C/N) has now grabbed a pillow to cover himself.

"Thanks," she says, and quickly walks out, still covering her eyes.

You turn to look at (Y/C/N) and start laughing, still semi tipsy. He motions for you to come over and you lay next to him on the bed. He kisses you again before you fall asleep next to him.


hahahahha i hate smut endings wtf

sorry it took so long to update this but ya i hope you like it because i havent done full on smut in a while. 

i have a huge headache bc its 1 in the morning

but kik me because i wanna talk to you guys bc ilyasm <3

@ ayeeitshailey

Omg fantastic blog. I’m obsessed. Can you do one where you’re at a party with your friends at a hotel and you sneak away with your crush to your room? Your friends then find you two sleeping naked together after the party? The middle is up to you!;)


It’s your best friends birthday and she got a hotel for you and your friends to stay in for the night, so there wouldn’t be a mess in the house. There is at least 15 people, but that’s all she really wanted, just her closest friends. Most of them brought alcohol to liven it up. She made sure to invite (Y/C/N) and a couple of his friends. Most of the people are sitting on the beds in the room and talking and laughing with each other, not caring about a single thing or if people complain about the music or if they have a massive hangover the next morning. Nothing matters.

You’re standing with your friend next to a dresser and your crush is standing directly across from you with his friend. You look at him and seductively wrap your lips around your straw and make sure that he was watching the entire time. Considering how much alcohol you had already consumed, you didn’t really care if you looked stupid or not. You see him purse his lips and look down before walking over to the two of you.

"This is a really cool party, (Y/F/N), happy birthday," he says, looking at you the entire time.

"Thanks, I’m glad you’re having a nice time."

You kick her leg, and she knows what it means.

"Have you met my friend, (Y/N)?" She asks nonchalantly.

"Yeah, I think I have actually. Don’t we have Calculus together?"

"Yeah! We do, I totally forgot," you say, trying to act clueless.

"Hey, (Y/N), why don’t you take your new friend and get a bottle of vodka out of your room? Sound good?" Your friend suggests.

You give her a wide eyed look but smile back at (Y/C/N).

"Sure," he says. "Lead the way."

You roll your eyes and she winks at you. You lead him to your room and he shuts the door behind you. You can still hear the music faintly through the cheap drywall. 

"How long have you and (Y/F/N) been friends?" He asks, as he sits on the bed and it squeaks.

"Since 2nd grade, after she stole my crayons when I was trying to color in a picture of Pooh Bear. It was fate. We just started hanging out after that day."

"It’s so weird how that works, I became friends with (his friends name) in kindergarten because we were wearing the same shirt on the first day." 

You laugh and sit next to him on the bed. 

"I normally don’t drink this much," you say looking at the bottle, "but I didn’t want to be a total prude, so I’m doing it for (Y/F/N)."

"Hopefully you can hold your liquor, I don’t wanna end up trying to help a drunk, crying, emotional, stumbling girl get to her bed."

"I can take care of myself pretty well, there’s nothing to be worried about," you say. "We should probably bring this back."

"Or we could just drink it together here."

You smile at him and grab two shot glasses and pour them out generously. 

"Cheers," he says, hitting his glass with yours.

You throw your head back and swallow it all and cringe.

"I will never get used to that taste," you say putting the glass down. 

He laughs and lays down on the bed. You lay next to him and stare up at the ceiling. 

"Why haven’t we ever talked before?" He quizzes.

You couldn’t really answer that question, because you didn’t know why. But with that full shot of vodka in your system you blurted out an answer.

"Because you’re hot and I’m not."

It’s silent for a second and he props himself up on his side to look at you. 

"You’ve got that switched around, silly," he says and laughs.

"Ha! I don’t think so, buddy. Do you really think-"

Your interrupted with the taste of vodka on your lips again and the musty smell of Axe swirling around you. It’s hard for you to even move because he has himself now positioned atop of you so his body can move in rhythm with yours. Your fingers are lost in his hair and his shirt has removed itself from the equation. You run your fingers down his chiseled torso and unbutton his khakis. He lifts you up quickly and turns around so your up against the wall. His hands are grasped tightly around your thighs and your arms are wrapped around his neck. 


this will be part 1 because it is almost 2 in the morning and im tired and have writers block, but this will continue into smut so bE PREPARED BOO BOO

and also, thank you for 5.5 <3

and also also, im sorry im posting it so late lolol


He’s so hard to resist. You want him. And he knows that. He has been watching you all day. He glances over at from across the room and smirks, and you can only imagine what he’s thinking. You and (Y/C/N) have been flirting non stop for the past week. He’ll walk by when your by your friends and “taze” you by grabbing your hips and smile. You still haven’t fully kissed yet. He’ll tease you and brush his lips against yours, making you beg for more, but he won’t give in. 

There was a student council meeting after school and you were both there. You couldn’t even pay attention to what the teacher was lecturing about.

"(Y/N)? Are you going to pay attention or just play kissy face with your boyfriend?" The teacher scolds, looking back and forth at you and (Y/C/N).

You smile, trying to hold back your laughter and turn to face the teacher. 

"Alright, you guys go get started," she says, and everyone stands up and starts to work on what they’re supposed to be doing.

"(Y/N), will you go in the supply closet and get some tissues, please?"

You nod your head and start to head over to the closet. You look up and down the shelves for tissues and don’t see them. Your facing away from the door and you hear it shut. You get startled and turn around to see (Y/C/N) standing in front of you.

"(Y/C/N), what are you doing? You scared the shit out of me."

"I wanted to see you, silly," he says, starting to walk towards you.

"Really?" You smile, and he starts to kiss your neck.

You rub your hands on his back. 

He looks up at you and smirks. “Yes, really.”

You smile again and his tongue grazes over his lips and he looks you up and down. He starts to move closer to you and your lips are close to his. You can smell his cologne on him, but he still smells like boy. He brings his hand up to your neck and holds it there. His lips are softly touching yours.

"(Y/N)?" You hear.

(Y/C/N) quickly turns around and moves away, trying to pretend he wasn’t doing what he was just doing. You awkwardly look at (idk some randon chick) and raise your eyebrows.

"Do you, um, have the tissues?" She says quietly, not looking up. 

"Ah! Here they are!" (Y/C/N) says, holding 2 boxes up. He hands them to her and she quickly walks out, shutting the door. 

(Y/C/N) looks over at you and you start laughing because how stupid this is. He walks over and kisses your cheek before winking at you and leaving the room and shutting the door behind him. You sigh and laugh at yourself again before leaving the room also. 


im sorry and i understand if you hate me bc i hate me too, but if i dont update pls dont unfollow, i know that there wouldn’t be a point to follow me but i promise i will post again. i havent really had alot of motivation to write anything really and i need to know that if its even worth writing anymore so pls if you want me to keep posting, let me know

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Hai! Love your blog btw :3 can you do a fluffy/smut-ish where your long distance boyfriend meets you for the first time? Cuddling and kissing and touchy/somewhat smut and cute stuff :3 that would be so lovely thanks! Cx


12:00 PM

You were meeting your long distance boyfriend of 1 year in two hours. He was flying in from (where he lives) to (where you live). You were nervously pacing the room thinking of everything that could go wrong, freaking yourself out. What if you aren’t what he expected? What if he’ll leave and never talk to you again? There were good things that could happen but you weren’t even giving them a thought, of course. 

1:00 PM

He texts you and tell you that he’s just landed. He says the city is beautiful and that he cant wait to see you for the first time. You smile to yourself and start to head out the airport with your best friend. She tries to calm you down the best she can but it isn’t working much.

1:30 PM

You arrive at the airport and take a deep breath before turning off the car and getting out. You wipe your hands on your jeans and walk towards the entrance. It’s hard for you to concentrate and think straight. You’ve invested so much time and effort into this person and you finally get to see them for the first time in a year a half. You nervously look around and see other people besides the one you want to see. You look forward and see a familiar face.

"Oh my god, (Y/F/N)," you start to say, "I think I see him."

She look over at you and look forward and shrieks with laughter. 

"Ahhh! (Y/N), go up to him!" She encourages.

You bury your face into your hands and start to tear up. You told yourself you didn’t want to cry but you can’t help it. You look back up and he’s closer now and you can see can’t help but smile. 

1:46 PM

He wraps his arms around your waist tightly. You hold him around his neck and bury your face into his shoulder. He rubs your back gently and you run your hand through his hair. He sways back and forth and holds on to you. He tucks his face into the crook of your neck.

"I’ve wanted to hold you for so long, (Y/N)," he whispers in your ear.

You laugh and pull away to see his face. His eyes are watery and a tear rolls down his face. You wipe it away with your thumb and laugh again. 

"Don’t cry," you say, trying to make him stop.

"But you’re worth crying over."

He puts his forehead against yours holds the back of your neck. He closes his eyes and brings your hands up and intertwines his fingers with yours. He pulls his head up and kisses you on your forehead.

"Don’t ever leave me, please, (Y/N)," he says again.

"I won’t, I promise."

He holds his pinky up and raises his eyebrows at you, waiting for an answer. You lock pinkies with him and smile. 

"I pinky promise."


lol ok sorry its so short but thank you for 5k ilysm bye bye message me stuff to answer bc im bored and no one is talking to me

im weak

someone kik me

Can you do one smut where your ride never shows up so he offers to drive you home and you just fool around a little and then you invite to your house and stuff happens and touching and kissing and all that fun stuff

Hey :) could you do one where you wake up next to (C/N) and you both don’t remember what happened that night? You’re amazing btw, thank you


You’re at school, in English class, trying to focus on your work but keep getting distracted by seeing (Y/C/N) and his girlfriend playing kissy face directly in front of you. She’s giggling and keeps looking back at you to make sure you’re watching and see what you’re missing. Class finally ends and you run out to your locker and get ready to meet your mom outside for your ride. You walk outside to the bus loop and watch all the buses roll by, packed full of kids. Your mom is late. You’ve been sitting on the bench waiting for an extra 10 minutes.


Your brother got sick all of a sudden, had to take him to the doctor. Can you get another ride home?

You sigh and throw your head back in frustration. All of your friends had already been picked up and the buses are all already gone. You reply with a simple “yeah”.

You sit for a couple more seconds to think about what to do. It’s a really far walk, which is why you get driven to school, because the buses don’t go close to your house. You watch cars drive out of the parking lot and stand up and adjust your bag on your shoulder. You walk out to the curb and get stopped by a loud, intimidating, white car, with (Y/C/N) sitting in it. 

"Hey," he says nonchalantly.


"You need a ride? I saw you sitting out here for a while."

"Um, no, it’s fine, I live kinda far away."

"Well, let’s drive kinda far away to your house then," he teases.

You take a step closer to the car and pause.

"Wouldn’t your girlfriend get pissed off?"

"Not unless somethin’ happens. Now get in."

You have a confused look on your face but open the car door anyway. His car smells like coconuts, cologne, and sweaty football gear. 

"So where do you live that’s so far away?" He asks.

"I live in Avondale."

"Oh, my Aunt lives over there, I know where it’s at."

You nod your head and look out the window, trying to not make eye contact.

"What’s wrong with you?" He asks, glancing over.

"Nothing, this just feels weird."

"Weird," he mocks and turns on the radio. An overplayed, catchy pop song comes on and he starts tapping his thumb on the steering wheel to the beat.

"Cause alllllll of me! Loves allllll of you!" He sings along. “C’mon, you know this song,” he eggs on.

"I dunno, I don’t really sing," you say, trying to change the subject.

"People say you’re good."

You just shrug your shoulders and look down again. 

"You don’t have to be nervous with me," he says, placing a hand on your knee. 

You let it sit there for a second before you scoot it away and pull your sleeves down over your hands. He rolls his eyes and looks back at the road. You feel the car start to slow down and he pulls over to the curb. Cars drive by as you sit awkwardly by him.

"What are you doing? This isn’t Avondale," you say confused. 

"I"m not stupid, (Y/N)."

You hesitate to answer to see if he’ll say anything else.

"I know you’re jealous that I have a girlfriend."

You look down and try to deny it. 

"But the truth is," he starts to say, "She’s kinda boring. We never have fun anymore!"

You roll your eyes and sigh.

"Look, I’m not here to be your counselor and help you with your troubled relationship. I’d like to get home if that could be possible."

"I don’t need advice, I broke up with her after class. It’s over with. But it’s because there’s someone else I had my eyes on."

You start to get nervous and confused. You secretly hoped that it was you. He stares at you, licks his lips, and taps his leg furiously. He reaches for your hand again but you move towards him and press your lips against his. He puts his hand on your jawline and rubs his thumb in circles on your skin. He moves towards you and pushes you back against the window. He holds the back of your neck as he increases intensity. You pull off his jacket and you feel him fumble with the button on his pants. You giggle in the kiss and help him pull them down. He grabs you by your thighs and pulls you in the backseat with him, where all the seats are pushed down for more room. You kiss longer and feel him getting hard on your leg. You kiss his neck and intertwine your fingers with his. You pull down his boxers and you see that he has a semi. You gently stroke his shaft painfully slow. You hear him moan in pleasure. You move down to his groin and look up at him and smirk. You twirl your finger around the tip and he bites his lip in frustration. You take him in your mouth slowly and wrap your lips around him. You start to pump him up and down where you can’t reach with your mouth.

"Ugh, fuck (Y/N)," he moans.

You suck down to almost the end of his member and hold it there. You come back up and take a big breath in. He moves your hair out of your face and holds it up. He pulls you up to kiss him again and you feel him position himself under you. He slides himself in and your mouth falls open. He holds your hips and slides them up and down.